Rocketships Required.

Let’s not split hairs between work and play. You’re here to explore. Are you building rocketships and carnivals? Then I’m here to help.

Don’t Let The Sun Blast Your Shadow

I didn’t pay much attention to Bowie growing up.

In my early 20’s, I put the finishing touches on an album, Bright Day for a Frog’s Rebellion. The mastering engineer John Mailloux remarked, “Oh man, you must love Hunky Dory.” I had the ridiculous task of telling him I’d never heard of it. (Made easier because I didn’t know how ridiculous it was.)

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Dear Constant Reader,

I’d like to speak with you. But I feel foolish, sitting here in Brooklyn, as I am my only audience.

Should I just talk to myself? “Hi Evan, you’re hungry and cold. Hurry the hell up.”

Or I could address some future multitude: “I hearby set out to preserve my fantasies and criticisms for all eternity.”

At least I won’t start with the dreaded, “I’m writing this blog to <insert overly earnest adverb here> be heard.” (Though what makes that line any worse?)

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