Hi, I’m Evan Hammer.

My company Smart Host helps vacation rental managers determine the best prices for their properties. Our mission is to describe the physical spaces we inhabit better than anyone on the planet. Want to help?



I’m a software engineer by love. Right now I’m giddy about React and Flux. They’re such a huge improvement over other frameworks I’ve used, like Backbone and Ember. (Can’t speak to Angular, as its civil war scared me away.) With React, I can bust through a hackathon project while still building reusable components. Really? Really.

At Smart Host, we’ve built a great API using Python, Flask, and SQLAlchemy. But as I am more opinionated about front-end architecture than API architecture, I’m probably better at the former.

Majored in Computer Science (and Music Theory) at Brown University. (Oh Five!)

Check out my coding environment and vimrc.


I write songs. They’re Rock-N-Roll-ish. (Though I do have a soft spot for Deep House.) Been playing bass since I was 8.

Do you want to hear an eclectic rock album, once described as a “musical potpouri”, switching between “a smoky nightclub, a psychobilly luau, [and] a post-grunge campfire”? Then listen to my solo album Bright Day for a Frog’s Rebellion.

In (the likely) case that description doesn’t entice you, check out Big Mosey. Our big influences were the Black Keys and Pearl Jam. We once toured Norway.

Board Games

I take my board games seriously. Have you ever played Agricola? Or perhaps the 10-hour A Game of Thrones: The Board Game? I’m down to play any game except Settlers of Catan. Can’t go around sullying my good name with that garbage.

Still Here?

For the last 2 years, I’ve been moving apartments every month. But right now I’m living, working, and playing in Brooklyn, NY.